Taming the Mind and Walking the Bodhisattva Path

with Ken Ketchum

October 21st—December 16th

In this series of gatherings we will explore together the foundational views and practices of the Buddhist ‘wing' of Buddhism/Shambhala. The first meeting will be a day-long nyinthun. More... Continue »

Fearless Buddha, Peaceful Warrior: An Introduction to Buddhism and Shambhala

with Patti Morgan & Suzanne Jones

November 13th—December 18th

In this four-week class, we will explore how these two visions - spiritual and secular - Buddhism and Shambhala -- are inseparable. Open to all. Continue »

LEARN TO MEDITATE - Two hour meditation class

with Shastri Donna Williams

January 6th (2019)

10 am "Meditation is a great way to gently cheer up. It brings emotional warmth and environmental friendliness. It highlights our interconnectedness. It cleanly severs distorted conclusions. It reveals our fundamental openness. It turns our mind into an Continue »