LEARN TO MEDITATE - A One Hour Sunday Online Class

with Jeffrey Slayton

March 7th

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    Do you ever feel estranged from love? Cold from lack of kindness? Numbed by distraction and disconnection? Divorced from the energy of life? Malnourished by lack of intimacy and understanding? Alienated from meaningful inspiration and heartfelt, full engagement?

    Meditation practice is love. It is the heat of kindness. It is feelingful presence and connection. It is being married to the energy of life. It is nourishing intimacy and understanding. It is wholeheartedly choosing to participate in society, joining the dance.

    Meditation practice is training in all of those things.

    Learn to Meditate
    Sunday March 7, 10 - 11am
    Instructor: Jeffrey Slayton
    Email Jeffrey at [email protected] for the Zoom link.