Protector Chants (Mamo Chants)

February 13th—February 22nd

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    February 13 to February 22nd.  We'll do the Mamo Protector Chants every evening. Come to one or all.  The practice will be held from 5:30-7 nightly on Feb 13 - 22; all are welcome to participate. The days leading up to Shambhala Day (Losar, the Tibetan New Year) are known as Dön season and regarded as a difficult time of year. Döns are negative forces that arise out of the environment, and may cause misfortune and obstacles. We invoke the protectors during this time. The protectors and the Döns, can be seen as either external to oneself or as aspects of one’s own mind.

    Here is a more complete explanation from 2014 (note the chants are not the same dates as in 2014, it changes every year)