with John Newman

December 11th

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    Give Everything

     As Christmas approaches and giving begins to create stress in our rather materialistic approach to St. Nicolas's annual festival, Jason Newman will explain the three fold purity of giving in the Buddhist tradition as the fundamental source of happiness (rather than as a stressor). This teaching comes to us from Chandrakirti (c. 600CE), who said: "Giving, void of giver, gift, receiver, is called a paramita that transcends the world." Many religious traditions emphasize giving, including the one that emphasizes a religious celebration of Christmas (cf. Matthew's description of different aspects of giving in the Sermon on the Mount), so what is happening in the United States (and many other places in the world) around Winter Solstice? We'll do a little exercise to try to role play this situation.

    Open to all, donations appreciated! Come for the talk at 6:45 or come at 5:30 for sitting meditation (Instruction available free)