Taming the Mind and Walking the Bodhisattva Path

with Ken Ketchum

October 21st—December 16th (2018)

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    Taming the Mind and Walking the Bodhisattva Path 
    taught by Ken Ketchum

    The Buddha’s teachings and the Shambhala teachings are like the two wings of a noble bird. The bird’s heart is caring for oneself, other beings and our shared world. You could say that the flight of the bird is our journey toward enlightenment.

    In this series of gatherings we will explore together the foundational views and practices of the Buddhist ‘wing.’

    The first class on 10/21 will be a nyinthun, ie a day of sitting and walking meditation, from 10 am - 3 pm. There will be a talk at 11 am, and a lunch break from 12 - 1. Come for part or all of the day.

    After that the class meets from 11 am to 12 noon, after the 10 am meditation hour on Sunday mornings. All are welcome. Donations appreciated.

    The class does not meet on the first Sunday of each month when there is a Learn to Meditate class. Everyone is welcome to come to Learn to Meditate (there is always more to learn).