Fearless Buddha, Peaceful Warrior: An Introduction to Buddhism and Shambhala

with Patti Morgan & Suzanne Jones

November 13th—December 18th

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    Fearless Buddha, Peaceful Warrior: An Introduction to Buddhism and Shambhala

    The Shambhala tradition is founded on the sanity and gentleness of the Buddhist teachings. Buddhism (spiritual) gives us the teachings on understanding the human condition of suffering and how to get out of it; Shambhala (secular) gives us the vision to bring this understanding into our daily lives. In this four-week class, we will explore how these two visions - spiritual and secular - are inseparable.

    This class is being taught by Patti Morgan and Suzanne Jones

    Open to all, no charge. Come for the class from 6:45 to 8 pm or come at 5:30 for the open meditation hour. 

    Donations always appreciated!

    TALK 1 Tues Nov 20

    What is Shambhala Buddhism?   

     Since the Buddha began to teach the dharma and Chogyam Trungpa nourished this inspiration, kept it thriving and fresh, and brought Shambhala Buddhism to the West, we have been learning how our lineage is unique and very much current. In this talk, we will look at the confluence of these two traditions: how there is no conflict between the spiritual and the secular, only richness with which we can go about our everyday lives. 

    Please join us and bring questions and your individual wisdom to this talk.
    "The Shambhala approach could be regarded as the river or the trees, and the Buddha dharma is the mountains on which the trees will grow and the river will flow. So Buddha Dharma is basic nature.  And the Shambala teachings will grow out of that, as the foreground. It is very basic." - Chogyam Trungpa