Tuesday Talks: A Series of Talks Based on the book The Shambhala Principle

February 20th—April 10th

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    Join us for one or all of this eight week series of talks based on the book  "The Shambhala Principle: Discovering Humanity's Hidden Treasure" by our teacher Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. Descriptions of the talks are listed below.

      Rinpoche writes: "The Shambhala Principle offers the notion of basic goodness as a way of addressing the personal and social challenges that we face. Do we, as humans, have confidence in the basic goodness of humanity as well as of society itself? As a Tibetan lama and spiritual teacher, I believe this is our most compelling global issue."

    The series will begin on Tuesday, February 20th and run  through Tuesday, April 10th; the class will begin at 6:45pm and end at 8:00pm.   This is a drop in class and everyone is welcome to attend all or as many of the classes as they wish.  Each week a different teacher from our center's "Teaching Circle "will give a talk on the chapters with discussion to follow.  Please join us to have good conversation and to discover if we can arouse our energy and confidence in order to create a good world that is founded on this principle.

    February 20th:  A talk by Mr. Jeffrey Slayton entitled The Shambhala Principle. Who and what we feel we are is an attitude that we embody from the moment we arise, throughout the entire day, and even in our sleep. Collectively, our self-identity creates our culture, and the particular social ceremonies we observe reinforce our attitude. The Shambhala principle gives us a method by which to take a fresh look, feel our own hearts, and discover for ourselves who we are.

    February 27th  A talk by Ms. Suzanne Jones entitled Chaos is Good. Negativity has the power to wake us up. It creates the space for us to choose patience, generosity, and kindness, rather than anger envy, and closed-mindedness. Let's use this chaotic, angry time to create enlightened society.