BOOK CLASS: The Lost Art of Good Conversation by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

with Patti Morgan

November 7th—December 19th (2017)

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    BOOK CLASS: Tuesdays beginning on Tuesday, November 7 we will offer a book class on Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche's newest book entitled THE LOST ART OF GOOD CONVERSATION. Facilitated by Ms. Patti Morgan, with guest conversationalists along the way, each week will consist of reading the short chapter together, followed by guided meditation instruction and self reflection,  and an opportunity to interact with a community member and engage one another in conversation. 
     The Sakyong writes: "I have written THE LOST ART OF GOOD CONVERSATION  as a guide to help us bring a little light to the current dark age. The point is to reconnect with the sun of goodness in our hearts and use speech to awaken naturally good qualities in ourselves and others. This approach is based on the path of the warrior, someone who is committed to helping others and who uses every day life activity to foster awakening. In this book there are guidelines on how to connect with people genuinely, and how not to be swayed by negative emotions.  This will bring dignity to our daily lives. If enough of us practice this, we will have a huge impact on the future of this planet."
    •  Please come and join in the conversation!  No charge for this class, and you don't need to have a copy of the book. Donations are always appreciated.

    November 28 Chapter 4 Kindness Will Help You Feel Again
    Topic Overview: Through open heartedness, we are all connected. When we stop and really
    take the time, we can feel and experience it in any situation in our lives: positive, negative, or

    December 5 Chapter 5 Windhorse
    Topic Overview: Honoring your interconnectedness with another increases Windhorse, life
    force energy, and when you manifest dignity in a conversation, the person you are talking to
    is most likely to manifest it too.

    December 12 Chapter 6 Nowness is the Secret Ingredient
    Topic Overview: Conversation is the practice of nowness. It is engaging in the power of being
    on the spot. We are being completely available in the moment with all her faculties engaged.

    December 19 Chapter 7 Exchange Yourself for Others
    Topic Overview: Conversation connects us to the world in a nearly tactile way. When we feel
    connected to others through language and emotion, we discover that “us”and “them” are not
    so very different.

    We will take a break from the class in January and return by early February to continue.