Neutral Day - Annual Deep Cleaning of the Center

February 15th (2018)

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    On Thursday Feb 15 between noon and 7pm we will come together as a community for the traditional activity of Neutral Day cleaning. Neutral Day is the day before the Tibetan New Year and Shambhala Day. It falls in between Dön season, which is the end of the previous year when it is said that karma and negativity ripen and extra care and attention is vital, and the fresh start of the New Year.

    Cleaning before the New Year is a way of attracting positive energy into the environment.  It allows us to put time and energy into uplifting our space to start the year with a sense of freshness, new beginning, openness and possibility.

    Please joins us for as much time as you can  When the Center is completely clean we will Dedicate the Merit together.

    Hope to see you there!