White River Shambhala Center’s Executive Committee: How It Works, and How You Can Help!

Pictured here is the Executive Committee, plus Shastri Donna Williams. Left to right, starting with back row: Mark Mounts, Chagdzo, Director of Finance; Ryan Harvey, Rusung, Safety and Protection; Shastri Williams; Jim Peters, Operations Coordinator; Jane Philpin, Communications Coordinator; Jeffrey Slayton, Director of Practice and Education; Dia Ballou, Center Director; Raven Fennell, Director of Culture and Decorum; and Ellen “Bear” Hollyday, Director of Societal Health and Well-being.

For the first time in many years, all Executive Committee and Council seats are filled! However, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer at the Center, and to participate in governing the Center. Please talk with any one of us if you would like to help with staffing meditation sessions and/or classes, publicity, cleaning, flower arranging, or anything else that comes to your mind to keep our Center flourishing.

The Executive Committee meets about every two months, and all Center members are welcome to attend meetings. Meeting dates are posted on the website calendar and announced via the events calendar that Jane emails to members weekly. Minutes from the most recent EC meeting are posted on the Center bulletin board, and minutes from past meetings are kept in a blue binder in the Center library.

Executive Committee meetings typically involve check-ins from each person’s sphere, and the opportunity for each person to solicit help or ideas from other EC members. There is a practice component as well; typically, we begin and end each meeting with a short contemplative practice based on The Six Ways of Ruling.

Occasionally, there may be a “hot topic” issue for the EC to discuss. Those types of issues will be announced in advance so all members know that they will be discussed and can contribute to the discussion. Decisions are made by “broad agreement” with the Center Director deciding when broad agreement has been reached. If the “hot topic” issue requires confidentiality, the Council – a portion of the EC – can meet privately.

Some of our EC members have been serving for many years and may want to retire but are not sure that anyone is interested in taking on our roles. Every one of us would love to train newer people to take on our roles at some point – please just let us know you are interested!

If you would like to know more about how the Center is governed, or if you have any questions or comments for the Executive Committee, please speak with any of us individually, or write to [email protected] We hope to hear from you, and to see you at our next EC meeting!