Mindfulness meets Entrepreneurs at Killington

Last Wednesday, I taught a group of 7 entrepreneurs from Montreal our meditation practice.  We received the request at the center somewhat randomly, this group was looking for someone to teach them meditation while at a group skiing retreat at Killington and found us via the internet.  Here is the mission statement of the group, EO,

“At its core, EO is a collection of like-minded entrepreneurs focused on business growth, personal development and community engagement.”

Two members of the group already had an established meditation practice (one using a meditation app that he finds very useful).  The others were curious and wanted to include meditation as part of their retreat.  I gave them initial instruction, a brief background on Shambhala, and talked about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness practice vis a vis balancing their lives, working with stress, etc.  We ended with a 20 minute session of Qigong.
I left feeling very pleased to have had the chance to work with this group of friendly, curious individuals.  Here is a photo of the group, who are all small business owners or consultants in and around Montreal.
More info on EO is available here:https://www.eonetwork.org/about/discover-eo/
Shastri Williams
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