Summer Director’s Letter

colin-campbell-cooper-summer-14531Dear Community,

Ah, summer. Not too long ago it was only a dream, and too soon  it will be again. In fact, it could be a dream even now –  but if so, it’s a pretty good dream, so let’s stay with it and play in it as long as it lasts!

Since the last Director’s Letter, the Center has gained three new members: Jon Cohen, Jim Peters, and Kenneth Adams. All three have been coming to the Center regularly for some time now and have bravely decided to further their commitment to the Center. Please welcome them and get to know these wonderful members when you next see them! And buy Jon’s produce (Deep Meadow Farm) whenever you have the chance!

As many of you know, Patti Morgan has had to step down from her roles as Community Care Coordinator and Shrine Keeper due to health issues. Bear Hollyday has kindly stepped up to the role of Community Care Coordinator, and Christine Baranay, just as kindly, has stepped up to the role of Shrine Keeper. Thank you, Patti, for your years of service to the community and to the shrines, and may you continue to be able to teach the Shambhala dharma at our Center! And many thanks to Bear and to Christine for stepping up!

I also want to thank Jeffrey Slayton and Rachel Haynes-Coombs for creating and hosting the Shambhala Café. Over the months it was available, practitioners walking into the door on Sunday mornings were greeted by lively sounds, Tinkertoy colors, and the aroma of fresh coffee. A number of young parents in the community took advantage of the increased access to the Center. We hope something like this can happen again at our Center!

Midsummer’s Day is coming up, and this year our Center will gather with Karme Choling staff, the St. Johnsbury Center, and the Montpelier Center to celebrate the high point of summer at a sangha member’s home in Calais, VT! Details to come – and details also to come about our summer Pema Chodron video/discussion course, Making Friends with Yourself: Exploring Self, Selflessness, and the Roots of Attachments. Stay tuned!

For many members, summer provides opportunities to go on longer, more immersive retreats at Karme Choling or other land centers in our mandala. It is a beautiful time to rest our minds and open our senses to the magical phenomenal world. I hope everyone has a chance to do some of this, even if only for an afternoon in one’s own backyard. Have a conversation with a bumblebee, become one with a peony! The dralas are awaiting your most sensitive antennae!

Yours in Great Eastern Summer Vision,
Dia Ballou
Director, WRSC

3 thoughts on “Summer Director’s Letter

  1. Hello, I forgot my gray New Balance Tennis Shoes there and need them! I didn’t bring any other shoes. Please get in touch with me ASAP via my e-mail. Thanks!

  2. Will be in town first week of July. May I come by to visit? What programs will be going on July 5-10? Please let me know.
    Thanks and Namaste!

    • Hi! We will be continuing with the Pema Chodron program on Tuesdays during that week. Please join us! Check the website or our facebook for more details or to see if we have anything else planned by then.