Shambhala Solstice!


The weather was terrible.  We were under a flood watch as rain and temperatures above freezing turned our 15″ of snow into fog, and threatened river floods from snowmelt and ice jams. But one by one we arrived at the center and sat to meditate. By noon we had nearly 20 people, all bearing potluck, and more arriving.

Raven had decorated brilliantly, even a Christmas tree hung with cookies — cookies cut out and frosted to be tiger, lion, garuda, dragon, Buddha, great eastern sun — and strung with tiny prayer flags, too.

Every kind of food you could want, made with love, and a wonder-world of desserts to die for, including ashe-shaped cookies, and the company of Shambhalians!  Cheerful children’s day, Happy Solstice!  Eating, talking, a ukelele performance, a heartfelt poem read, and then some fun and games for those who were game!

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